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Although garage doors are made up of many moving parts, the main component that allows the garage door to functions smoothly is the garage door springs. Garage door springs are the workhorse of the garage door, they in essence do most of the work when it comes to opening and closing the door, have you ever wondered how a 300 pound garage door could easily be opened by a small child? Simple the garage door spring allow for a swift and easy open and close function. There are two main types of garage door springs, there are torsion and extension and each is unique in their own right. Torsion springs operate with torque which twist itself to open and close the door where the extension spring does just that it extends and retracts to lift and close the door.

Regardless of which type of garage door springs you may have they each are full of tension and require a professional technicians to handle them when it comes to the repair and replacement of garage door springs. The experts at Bradford Garage Doors are more than qualified to tackle all of your garage door spring service needs. Our garage door spring repair and replacement technicians have completed extensive training programs specific to garage door springs to ensure that they can safely remedy any garage door spring repair needs you may have.

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Just like all homeowners you are always looking for a deal, no one likes to spend their hard earned money. But Bradford Garage Door Repair would have to suggest not skimping out here when it comes to your garage door spring repair work. Even though you are very handy and have tackled all types of handy man services throughout your home this would be one best left up to the professionals. Your garage door springs hold so much tension that one small mistake could lead to a major injury.

There is no need to worry, when you hire Garage Door Repair In Bradford door you will never need to worry that you are going to over pay for a service that you could have done by yourself. We always offer the lowest possible prices on all of our garage door spring service allowing you to be confident in knowing you are getting the best level of service at the most affordable price guaranteed.


Broken Garage Door Spring Replacement 

Squeaking/Squealing Spring Troubleshooting

Rusted Spring Lubrication 

Garage Door Spring Balancing 

New Garage Door Spring Installation

Garage Door Spring Bracket Adjustments

And So Much More!

There is no need to take out a loan to pay for your garage door opener repair or replacement services, when Garage Door Repair Bradford is in your corner you will get the top level of service we are known for all while saving your hard earned cash. With customer support representatives standing by 24/7 we are here when you need us ready to come right out and show you why we are the most trusted garage door spring repair and replacement service in the area. 


No one can ever predict when a garage door spring emergency is going to occur that is what makes them emergencies. But thankfully for you we keep a full staff of garage door repair technicians who are equipped to handle any type of garage door spring repair or replacement service no matter what time of the day or night you may need it. Just like everything your garage door springs have a life expectancy, usually it is about 14 years. This is with constant use of the garage door, your garage door springs can become worn out and lose, making the opening and closing of your door very hard, noisy and unsafe.

When you notice there is a change in the ease of opening and closing or a strange noise associated with the opening and closing of your garage door the best bet is to contact our team of garage door spring repair technicians right away. We will send a skilled technician right out to your home and get right to work assessing the situation to provide you with the best plan of action. From installing new garage door springs to just tightening up your springs there is no job too big r too small for our team to handle. To learn more contact our customer support team 24 hours a day 7 days a week.